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Renting a motorcycle in vietnam

Renting a motorcycle in Vietnam for travel is the thing that quite a few travelers often do when they come to this country. Due to the interesting experience when riding, as well as the chances to explore Vietnam in a totally new way, traveling by motorbike witnesses an enormous demand of both domestic and foreign visitors in Vietnam.

To satisfy this great demand, more and more motorbike rental services appear in Vietnam, giving riders various choices when they are planning for their motorbike trips. That being said, it is often confusing for us to pick the best service to rent a motorbike among dozens of choices. So, before hiring a bike for your trip, let us help you with several important tips.

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#1 Safety inspection and checks before renting a motorcycle in Vietnam

Before riding a motorbike, safety inspection and checks are the most significant steps as they will help riders avoid damages and even accidents during the trip. You need to keep in mind that once you are out on the Vietnamese streets, every risk is possible to happen. Being cautious will not only save your time and money but also save your life. Therefore, ensure that your bike is in good condition.

Thus, safety checks are of great importance! They are even more crucial when you hire a motorbike that you have never used before. To be well-prepared, you can have a motorcycle inspection station check your motorbike or follow the motorbike safety inspection checklist below step by step. Here is what you have to do for a total check!

Tires: Ensure your tires are not too old or worn out by observing the DOT line of text. You will see four numbers indicating the production date at the end of the line to know exactly whether the tires are used for a long time or not. If yes, don’t hesitate to replace it! Getting a flat tire will get you into lots of troubles, especially riding on highways. Thus, it is a top priority to make sure your tires are ready to hit the road.

Brakes: Rim, brake pads and rotor should be examined to ensure that there is no damage. Keep an eye on the fiber of the brake pads because it may be worn out, which can endanger your brake distance. 

Chains: Make sure you have oil refilled to lubricate your chains. Also, take notice of the chain’s tension because there will be some slacks that may break the chains when riding for a long time. 

Clutch: There are two kinds of clutch, for each, you have a different method to check. If its level is hydraulic, you should check your fluid. In case it is a cable, open the clutch and check the gap for wiry strands or failing cable. Do not choose the bike if there are strands when you open the clutch.  

Suspension: Check your suspension fork to make sure it works well and smoothly by examining the fork legs of your bike. If there are fluids leaking from them, not only your suspension but your brakes will be affected as well.

Final checklist: Don’t forget to double check your lights and switches and turn your signals to ride in safety. Then, observe your oil cap and check your kickstand to make sure your motor is functioning properly. If everything is safe and sound as it should be, your motorbike is ready! 

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#2  Legal documents required 

If it is the first time for you to rent a motorcycle in Vietnam, you should keep in mind legal documents required for any rider.

Documents to ride legally in Vietnam

The first one is the driver’s license. It is legal for you to ride a motorbike with a Vietnamese driver’s license. In case you have your country’s license, bring along your International Driver’s Permit (IDP). Unless you have this IDP, you will have to convert your license to a permitted one in Vietnam. 

It’s much easier if you join Vietnam motorbike tours because almost all the local travel companies will help you with this kind of paper. If you want us to suggest a reliable one, then BM Travel Adventure (No.36 Duy Tan street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi) is our suggestion. If you need more information, you can contact us.

The second thing I advise that you should have is travel insurance. Riding a motorbike for a long-distance trip is risky and unpredictable. As a result, travel insurance is a wise move to protect yourself from unexpected situations and avoid being pulled over by the police.

Last but not least, once you rent a motorbike, you have to ask the owner for a notarized photo of the ownership paper of the motorbike you rent, called Bluecard, and don’t forget to take it with you when riding. Rental contact should be brought as well to prove your legal use of this vehicle in case you are checked by Vietnamese policemen.

Documents to rent a motorbike

If you would like to rent a motorbike, what you must have when signing a contract between you and the owner is copies of your passport or your ID card, including your photo. You will be asked for a deposit when renting, about 1- 2 million dongs for a second-hand bike and 3 – 4 million dongs for a new one. There will be a difference in the deposit amount between manual transmission motorbikes and automatic transmission ones, so check it out carefully before you renting a motorcycle in Vietnam

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#3 Reasonable prices 

Due to the increased number of rental motorcycle companies in Vietnam, there is a diversity of rental prices. Many people will make a comparison when they rent motorbikes so that they can pick out the one with the best price. However, sometimes the cheap one comes with low quality, so make sure to check the bike before renting so you will not waste your money repairing it. 

In the Vietnamese market, the price of renting a motorcycle basically depends on the type of motorbike, its condition and how long you rent it. Normally, it takes you from 100,000 dongs to 120,000 dongs to rent a manual transmission motorcycle per day, and from 150,000 dongs to 160,000 dongs to rent an automatic transmission one per day. Meanwhile, you have to pay around $100 for a large displacement motorcycle. 

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#4 Rental terms and conditions  

When you rent anything, there will be rental terms and conditions, and renting a motorbike is no exception. Anyway, it is not too complicated for you to renting a motorcycle in Vietnam due to its great demand and the popularity of this vehicle. 

Like other places, when you hire a bike, you have to sign the contract between you and the owner and pay for a deposit to make sure there will be no damage to their bike. As you use the bike, you have to check carefully before riding and take all the responsibilities until you give it back to the owner. Your deposit will be paid back as long as the bike you rent is true to its original condition, or else, you will lose your money.  

In contrast, the owner of the motorbike has to take full responsibility to check the safety of their vehicle before giving it to you as well as providing necessary documents for you to drive legally. It’s paramount for you to read the contract carefully so please take notice and ask for your rights when it is needed. 

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After reading this article, have you got what you need to do before renting a motorcycle in Vietnam? I think it is not a big deal anymore, right? If you find it fascinating to go on a motorbike trip, maybe it takes time to prepare, but personally, I think it is worthy and valuable, and I hope you also feel the same!

Renting a motorbike is just the first step of planning your trip. In reality, there are a number of things you need to prepare for your wonderful holidays. But don’t worry, keep moving on and explore new things to create the best memories along the way!

To get a safe journey and enjoy the wonderful trip, choosing motorbike tour is a reasonable choice to explore Vietnam. You can see more: North Vietnam Motorbike Tours

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