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The Japanese motorcycle company has just officially announced the latest version – Honda Africa Twin 2020 that consists of two model versions, standard and Adventure Sport, with modified engines for higher performance.

Since 2016, Honda has developed the 1000cc engine for the legendary Africa Twin platform on the Honda CRF1100L models. It provides an exceptional horsepower; but when facing the new European emission standards, Honda must choose to upgrade or abandon the engine.

Finally, the Japanese company decided to upgrade. Till the end of September, Honda officially revealed the 2020 duo, CRF1100L Africa Twin and CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES.


Outstanding features of Honda Africa Twin 2020

The 2020 Honda Africa Twin will board better performance and an upgraded tech package that allows riders to have more enjoyable experiences. Unlike its predecessor, the standard edition is of more off-road capability while the Adventure Sports edition is built to be a comfort-oriented touring vehicle.

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Engines on the new models will have a larger displacement of 1,084cc which exerts a horsepower of 101 PS (for a 7% increment) and torque of 105 Nm (6% increment). The engine block is placed in a new chassis that has aluminum sub-chassis attached by bolts instead of welding. An all-new, lighter aluminum swingarm styled after that of the CFR450R will help improving rear wheel traction. That it is 4 kg lighter than its forerunner helps the bike to achieve a 10% increase in a power-to-weight ratio which brings a new dynamic performance.


Suspension system

Whichever you prefer, there is always a Showa suspension system for both ends but the Sports Adventure model gets to enjoy the Showa system as an option. As of upgraded technologies, these bikes are equipped with cornering ABS, traction control and wheels control that are adjusted when being brought to the 2020 edition. Besides, the new six-axis IMU is being used for this version.


Riding modes

The Honda Africa Twin 2020 features 6 riding modes including Touring, Urban, Gravel, Off-road, and two user modes. The new control panel has a 6.5 inch TFT touch display compatible with Apple CarPlay. Honda Africa Twin 2020 comes with new bodywork, a slenderer fuel tank, and a 40mm narrower subframe. Seat height is adjustable between 850 and 870 mm. The bike has comfortable handlebar grips with hand protectors.


What’s new about Honda Africa Twin 2020

The Honda Twin Adventure Sports 2020 has a bigger fuel tank of 24.8 liters that increase operation range to above 500 km. It features a larger front fairing and a 5-stage screen. Besides, the Adventure Sport edition comes with a three-level cornering lights system. Both models boast a taller LED headlight that overall provides a more rugged look.

Another change is the introduction of the tubeless design on the Adventure Sports with different tires that have the same rim sizes of the standard version of 21in for front and 18in for the rear wheel, which translates to sizes 90/90-21 and 150/70-18 for rubber tires. With this set of accessories, the Adventure Sports is considerably heavier than the Africa Twin standard version. 


The base model has a dry weight of 226 kg while the Adventure Sports weighs 238 kg. If you add the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) to either of them, the weight will increase by 10 kg. Meanwhile, the Adventure Sports with EERA is 2 kg heavier than ones without. The EERA featured version is equipped with Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment suspension that helps it catch up with other rivals in the market.

This system automatically adjusts the level of shock absorption according to current speed, i.e. loosen up at low speed and tighten up for high-speed operation. The four presets of “soft”, “mid”, “hard”, and “off-road” can be used to personalize the responsiveness of the suspension system.

All in all, the Honda Africa Twin 2020 lineup offers six models to choose from: standard, standard with DCT, Adventure Sports, Adventure Sports with DCT, with EERA, or with both. Available color options for Honda Africa Twin 2020 include Grand Prix Red and Battle Ballistic Black Metallic. The Adventure Sports will be available at retails in Pear Glare White/Blue and Darkness Black Metallic.

If you intend to have a scenic dirt bike tour in Vietnam, Honda Africa Twin 2020 is second to none.

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