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With high flexibility and capability of gratifying riders, Kawasaki Z1000 and MV Agusta Dragster 800RR are two of the most popular naked bikes in Vietnam for both on-road and off-road use.

In the world of motorcycles, there are so many kinds in different classifications and categories. Optimized for acceleration, speed, braking, and cornering on paved roads, sports bike is at the expense of fuel economy and comfort and suits long-distance ride. For example, Touring or Cruiser.

Meanwhile, naked bikes are the top-notch choice in the Vietnamese market today because of its flexibility on roads, easy-to-control feature, and especially meet various speed levels of riders. That being said, naked bikes are suitable for an on-road trip rather than off-road bikes on harsh terrains in Vietnam.

Here are the top 10 most popular naked bikes currently.

Kawasaki Z1000

It’s such a big omission if this bike is out of the list of top naked bikes in Vietnam. Although there are many dissents about it, Kawasaki Z1000 seems to become a symbol that is always in youngsters’ minds when they want to get a bike.

Z1000’s style is so dope with the inline-four engine that makes a unique sound. It’s the most used 1000cc warhorse on the roads nowadays, the ace of Kawasaki in the country.

Honda CB1000

Despite being regarded as the rival of Z1000, Honda CB1000 is somehow quieter. According to the professionals, CB1000 is safe at slow speed yet fierce enough when its speed gets high.

Honda CB1000 is famous for its steel backbone frame with a single-sided swing arm paired with aluminum pivot plates and 4-spoke dart-shaped wheels that operates smoothly and flexibly on the streets. Powerful on long distances, the price of this naked bike Honda is more stable than its rivals in the same segment.

Suzuki DR-Z400S

If you want a bike that is able to run both on-road and off-road on a budget, Suzuki DR-Z400S is the right one for you. During Vietnam motorcycle tours, it is sure that it will give you exciting experiences.

Featuring 5-speed constant mesh transmission, the bike uses 398 m3 (24.3 engine displacement and liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder engine type.

It’s also the only Japanese motocross using 400 m3 engine displacement. The thing is that none of its opponents can offer the balance between on-road and off-road like it does. Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha also come from Japan but they equip their motorcycles with 230 cm3, 250cm3, 650 cm3 engine displacements. While KTM, Husqvarna, and Beta – the brands from Europe go with 350 and 450 cm3.

As an ideal model with a reasonable price (from 6200 US dollars), DR-Z400S seems to have no competitors. For the bikers who desire for a cool motorcycle for daily traffic and some adventures, DR-Z is a good investment.

Yamaha MT-10

Listed among the top-ranking Yamaha’s MT series, MT-10 takes all the dominant features of the famed supersport motorcycle YFZ-R1. It’s the cross-plane crankshaft that sets MT-10 apart every when departing.

This Yamaha naked bike has a futuristic design that looks like a transformer with angulate parts protruding out. As a high-end model, MT-10 is also kitted out with advanced technology like the YFZ-R1.

MV Agusta Dragster 800RR

MV Agusta Dragster 800RR is a representative coming from the beautiful Italia. Of all the segments on the current motorcycle market, Dragster is regarded as one of the few models that come with the most stylish design.

This 3-cylinder engine motorbike is unmistakable thanks to its neat but attractive look with a single-sided swing-arm, improved spokes, a reshaped fuel tank interior that keeps everything hidden from the view and provides an essential space.

Because of its high price, Dragster 800RR is not the best-selling naked bike. Yet, it lets no one down due to its intriguing sense of riding brought by the 1000cc power.

BMW S1000R

On the purpose of providing customers more choices, BMW Motorrad manufactured a naked bike inspired by the superbike S1000RR, which is dubbed as the “Shark Carbon” – S1000R.  The look of these two bikes is quite similar to each other, apart from the handlebar, lights, and some parts.

With many intervention technologies and Quick shifter, in particular, BMW S1000R is also one of the most admirable two-wheelers at the moment.

KTM Super Duke 1290R

KTM Super Duke 1290R is one of the strongest commercial naked bikes in Vietnam in particular and the world in genera;. People call it “The Beast” to show how powerful it is.

The top-ranked warhorse of KTM, a manufacturer from Austria, is lightweight (189 kg/416,7 lbs). It comes with a V-Twin LC8 engine, 177 hp, and torque at 141 Nm. The Beast takes only 7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 200km/h, a respectable speed that many other superbikes can’t do.

Ducati Monster 821

The “Red Devil” 821 is the latest generation of street bikes in Ducati’s Monster series. The Ducati 821 developed to overcome the limitations that happened in 795/796. It can be said that the Monster 821 offers flexibility on the run, strong acceleration with the typical engine of Italian motors.

Ducati Monster 821 has appeared more and more on Vietnam’s streets, gradually replacing its last generation.

Kawasaki Z900

Despite being less powerful than Z1000, Z900 is thinner and more comfortable. Kawasaki Z900 was launched to make good Z800’s shortcomings and keep up with the aforementioned Z1000.

Powered by the I4 engine, awesomely designed, and sold at an affordable price, Kawasaki Z900 has become popular in the Southeast Asia market.

Triumph Speed Triple

With the weight of 192 kg, Triumph Speed Triple has 138 hp, torque at 112 Nm, and 3-cylinder engine that gives the bike the fastest acceleration of all.

Besides, its handling is more flick-able and agile with a more responsive throttle. Even so, its updated engine generates more power and focused ride than ever before. With all these features, Yamaha’s MT10 can be seen as the Speed Triple’s direct opponent.

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The above are the top awesome naked bikes in Vietnam, promising to be the best companion ever of yours on the way of discovering the country. Have you ever traveled to Vietnam? Then what holds you back? Let’s get one among these warhorses and start off in no time.

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