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In all backpacking tours, the motorbikes are always the backpackers’ companions. In other words, for a perfect trip, a powerful motorbike cannot be absent. 

In recent years, Ha Giang has become one of the best destinations for adventurous travelers. But it is impossible to explore the new life, landscapes, and the highland cuisine here in the most enjoyable way if you travel by car. Therefore, it is necessary that find a high-quality Ha Giang motorbike rental company.

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Actually, motorbike rental service has been developed strongly in recent years. That being said, one sad thing is that there are lots of “traps”. Lots of places just focus on their profit and provide old, low-quality bikes without clear contracts instead of the bikes’ quality and customers’ safety. That eventually causes users numerous problems during their trip.

However, not that many people know where to rent a good bike without unexpected problems or extra costs. With many years of experience in providing Ha Giang motorbike rental, we – BM Travel Adventure, which provides the best bikes for your Vietnam dirt bike tours, have summed up some useful guides and tips. This helps you choose the best one that fits your style and brings a perfect two-wheeled trip ever.

Come to a prestigious provider of motorbike rental services

It’s easy to find dozens of providers of Ha Giang motorbike rental services on the Internet with alluring words such as cheap, high-quality, or security. Even though, the fact is totally different when lots of customers said that they were wrong to believe in those words after experiencing the bad services there. For sure, you should ask your friends or leave your question on forums to find a credible provider.

BM Travel Adventure is the best place that offers you the most suitable two-wheeled vehicles for memorable off-road experiences during the journey to conquer the Hanoi to Ha Giang route.

Why BM Travel Adventure?

Model, price, and quality are the top concerns of customers when they pay their money for any services. And motorcycle is no exception because it does matter to bring a safe and exciting road tour.

Rest assured, BM Travel Adventure, whose head office is located in Cau Giay district, Hanoi, can fully meet your needs for an off-road bike. For riders, it’s known as the top-notch provider of 150cc+-run motorcycles and operator of Vietnam dirt bike tours and off-road trips with over 10 years of experience.

We – BM Travel Adventure owns different models such as Honda CRF250L, Honda CRF150L Rental, Husqvarna FC450, Honda XR150L, Suzuki DR-Z400, and many more. You will get one of these powerful warhorses to conquer challenging off-road paths such as Cao Bang, Sapa, or even the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail.

They all are the latest models that regularly maintained after each trip to ensure bikers’ safety along the way. Sitting on the back of a good and endurable motorcycle is one of the most important factors to have great off-road experiences and the two-wheeled trip of a lifetime!

Their prices range from 25 to 150 dollars, depending on the models of the bike. Anyway, it is sure that they will deserve every penny.

Check it carefully

No matter which Ha Giang motorbike rental company you hire, do remember to check the vehicle before using, especially when you rent one for journeying up. Because the off-road is not as flat and easy to go as city roads. So be sure the one you rent is good enough to avoid the breakdown, damages, and issues en route.

Don’t forget to check the tires’ attrition, brake system, lights, horn, mirrors, and engine. You can start off and give it a run for the test.

  • Check and test the bike is the first thing you should do. Check everything from the brake, horn, lights, turn signal, and the lock. Tell the provider immediately if you see something wrong.
  • To ensure safety during the trip and process of running the bike, you ought to pick a new model and do not forget to save the provider’s phone number to prevent incidents from happening.
  • Make it clear that who will be responsible for unexpected problems on the road to avoid the situations that you have to pay compensation for a repair. If the vehicle suddenly breaks down when you are away on the trip, call the provider to discuss the solution before walking it to any motorcycle repair shops nearby.

Prepare fully papers

Many people forget to fully prepare the papers, which makes the rental procedure more complicated. Some suppliers even do not hand over the bike.

So, bring along your international driving license or Vietnamese driving license for foreigners and passport to make the rental go smoothly and faster without any troubles.

Do not skip procedures and vehicle registration certificate

There are also many customers hurriedly going back home after getting their right bike and forget the vehicle’s papers and the motorbike rental contracts. However, the supplier will only give you the photocopies of the original motorbike registration and insurance.

Therefore, you should ask them to let you compare the copies with the origins to make sure that the provider does not give you wrong papers or hands you an unknown bike on purpose. And if he/she does not show you the original papers or cannot prove the bike’s origin, do not pay your money or sign in any contracts.

More than that, you should carefully review the contract or ask the owner of the vehicle about surcharges such as scratches, late returns, or several other issues you can think of to evade all raising costs.

In general, an off-road motorbike is an essential part of your dirt bike tours in Vietnam to conquer the Ha Giang loop. The above are all the necessary guides and tips for the Ha Giang motorbike rental handpicked by BM Travel Adventure. Hopefully, it can help you pick out a satisfying bike. Have a nice trip!

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